Possible Bug: Edgesrf

Upon information and belief, the EdgeSrf command only works when you specify 4 edges (not 2, 3, or 4). If you give it 2 or 3 curves or edges it will not allow you to click done.

I have taken 3 curves, split one to create 4, and it works fine.

This is easy to reproduce.

  1. Draw a triangle with three line segments.
  2. Explode the segments.
  3. Enter EdgeSrf in the command box.
  4. Select the segments.

Wil not work.

  1. Select the three line segments.
  2. Enter Edgesrf in the command box

Does work.

  1. Split one of the line segments.
  2. Enter edgesrf
  3. Select the for line segments.


Try starting the command before chosing the edges, then “Done” after you have chosen 2 or 3 edges.

Does that work? --Mitch

That’s the sequence that does not work.

Selecting first then doing the command does work.

That is problematic when you are trying to close a hole in a a surface. Unless there is some way to select edges before starting the command.

@dan Looks like it’s the “Done” button that doesn’t work correctly. Hit the Enter key instead. --Mitch

It’s on the list:


I see this. Thanks @Helvetosaur and @John_Brock