Panic! need to orient a view parallell to the clipping plane

I have a project that is due tomorrow and I need some sections. I have tried to do this for some time but I can’t figure out how to orient my view parallell to the clipping plane.

I read a post but can’t get it right.
There has to be a easy way to do this

OrientCameraToSrf should do it.

Hello - try CPlane > Object then Plan.


I try this but then I loose my section cut. I create a surface on the clipping plane. I think I’ll just rotate the whole model

should I first pick the view that I want. When I do this I flips to the side.

Could you rotate the clipping plane?—-Mark

If your view is tilted after pascal’s way. Just rinse and repeat till your view is the right way (max. 3 times)
That’s how I do it for my architectural projects so it should work for you

Have a look at this thread where I made a gif how to solve your problem