Wish: Align View & Cplane to Clipping Plane

Hi Guys,
today I was doing some technical views for mechanical product and I missed a tool able to align the view (but also the Cplane) to a selected Clipping Plane. Especially when I’m in the Layout.

Am I missing smtg ?

If not, could be possible to implement it or have a script from the super amazing @pascal ? :smile:


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Hello -

_CPlane _Object _Pause _Plan



I wasn’t aware that this it works. Thanks
I’ll give it a try.

Right, this it works but there’s any direct tools to orient the view to a specific Clipping plane.

What if i want to look at the section without changing the Cplane?

If not so much complex, could be good, IMO, to have the same for both Cplanes and views.


Hello - to align the view and not the CPlane, undo the CPlane part

_CPlane _Object _Pause _Plan _CPlane _Previous

_CPlane _Object _Pause _Plan _CPlane _Undo

should work.


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But you could assign this macro to a button or a keyboard shortcut as well.

Got it, thanks