Panelling tools creates duplicate cells

Hey friends,

I have just started to learn paneling tools in grasshopper and I had some doubts. I checked youtube videos and some documents by McNeel. But I am not sure what I am doing wrong. i created the wireframe of the facade in rhino and then used it as a base to create the grid but it doesnt work out for me.
First of all the faces are duplciated and then I have some panels that are not exactly rectangular. also the whole facade is tilted and not exactly can be considered as a rectangular grid. What.s the best way to solve this?

because my final concept is so that I can create glass panel with a thickness out of these grid cells. Thanks!
211013 (6.3 KB)

The order of selecting the curves matter.
Assuming that the top-right corner is your base, start selecting the horizontal lines from top to bottom, and vertical lines from right to left. That solves what appears to be the duplicate face problem:

Now, you have another problem, and that is of the trimmed panels to the left. To solve it, you need to have longer lines and more grid points outside your active area, but also some surface to trim against as in the following:

You notice that even with this method, there can be some anomalies like the lower panel that didn’t trim, but I hope this will help you get started.
211013 (10.7 KB)

Thank you very much! This was very helpful. I did select the lines in order but the other way around and not from the base point. Much appreciated.