Paneling tools to create patterned window shades

I am trying to create an effect like the one shown in the first image.

I created my shape and used it to make a panel. I converted it into a mesh to help speed up the movement of the viewport.

With or without it being a mesh, I have no shadows and lights like the shapes I drew while in Rendered mode.

I have used a clipping plane to peek inside the structure and changed the sun’s azimuth and altitude with no luck in getting the light patterns.

Am I missing something? Does Rendered mode not show such patterns? How can I make a similar effect to the one in the first image?

You may want to examine the options > display mode settings where the clipping plan setting is provided (or maybe it’s unrelated to clipping plan). I believe there is a setting that controls whether lighting and shadows are displayed.

Also, make sure you enable shadow in your display mode.

You probably need to turn off the skylight.

I think for this type of lighting and shadowing you may want to use Raytraced instead, as it does a better job of such shadows.

In the following image top-left is Rendered mode, top right Raytraced. with just Sun, no skylight.

In the next image the same scene but instead of using sun I used an HDRi with high dynamic range, meaning it has essentially a sun in it (ehingen_hillside_02_1k.exr). Again top-left Rendered, top-right Raytraced:

lighting_pattern_through_window_grille.3dm (12.1 MB)

@LeCorbusier Thank you for your suggestions. All of those things have been tried without success.

@nathanletwory Thank you very much. I wondered if there might be a difference between rendered and raytracing. I think the key for me was to turn off the skylight.

I appreciate the files as well.