Rendered view diffuse lighting

I need even, diffuse lighting in the viewports when in Rendered mode. I’m working with imported, textured meshes and need to see the details of the texturing. Solutions?

Hi David- you can try enabling Skylight in the Lights panel - this light will come off the environment, so you may want say a dark to light gradient or something like that. Shadows may be grainy … and it will slow things down some.


Thanks for the quick reply. Checking the Skylight box in the panel brought up by the Sun command just makes everything darker.

Here is another attempt to explain what I needed. I have created a mesh model of a boat using photogrammetry software, PhotoScan, and imported the model into Rhino V5. The mesh model was textured by PhotoScan from the photos of the boat. I need to be able to see the details of the texturing on the model The bottom of the boat is in shadow in the photos so the textured model is somewhat dark on the bottom.

I need to see the details of the texture in Rhino in order to create points, curves, etc in Rhino. In order to see the texture I need to be in Rendered mode in the ViewPorts. Unfortunately Rhino in Rendered mode uses directional lighting from above, which means the bottom of the model is in an additional shadow created by the illumination in Rhino. What I need is none-directional diffuse light in Rendered mode in the ViewPorts. Is that possible?

In other words I want a shadowless, even illumination in Rendered mode in the Viewports.

I would turn off the sun, and turn on the skylight, and then control the light by the colors in the environment. Something like this?


Not like that. What is needed are no shadows and surface appearance only dependent on the local texture color (RGB values), not on surface normal direction as in your picture.

Ah, OK, so no shading at all- in that case modify the materials > uncheck ‘Enable diffuse lighting’


Enable diffuse lighting unchecked, Sun unchecked, Skylight checked provides what I need.


Hi David- the skylight may not even be needed- if not, it may be that turning it off will be ‘faster’ display wise - not sure in this context.