Paneling question

Hi there, I am trying to create the body of a hummingbird with feathers paneled on it.
I have created both my grid and surfaces based on the Paneling Tools Workflows for Rhino and Grasshopper Tutorials on youtube. I am almost there. There are two issues that I would like to solve.
I wonder if it is possible to shift the grid so that it is an offset grid?
Also my objects are oriented incorrectly by 90 degrees on the grid. I assume that is a fairly easy fix.
Thank you in advance!
hummingbird.3dm (16.5 MB)

The 90 degree issue may be solved by rotating your module 90 degrees?
What do you exactly mean by “shift the grid so that it’s an offset grid”? Can you include a skect of what you are thinking?

Thank you @rajaa! Your tutorials were very helpful to get me this far!
I will try rotating the module. As far as an offset grid, what I am going for is

The feathers tiled like hummingbird feathers, sort of overlapping but in a grid where the center of each subsequent line of tiles is under the end of the line before it.
offset grid
but perhaps also using a diamond tile pattern would work? I tried to see if I could get a diamond pattern with the 3D paneling tools and did not see that option, only in the 2d paneling tool options.
Thank you!

Hi again @rajaa ! I am still a bit stuck on this. Any advice would be appreciated!
Thank you!

Hi @cwreckord
One way to do that is to use ptPanelGridCustom (or ptOrientToGrid for 3D) and use different base with shift to alternate the distribution of your pattern. See an example here and let me know if this is helpful.

Thank you @rajaa ! I will check it out!