Zollinger pattern with paneling tools

Anyone have any suggestions on how how to populate a surface with lamels like this using paneling tools? Note the offset of the diamond which creates some headache for me.
Grasshopper is ok as well if not doable with paneling tools

I have drawn the panel and the shape of the surface (which is just an extruded arc, so its not double curved)

Any suggestions welcome that can point me in the right direction.


Answering your question is 2 fold. First how you set the grid, and second how you define the pattern. To simplify matters, I’ll use flat grid. I did the following:
1- Define grid density and spacing that make sense: ptGridArray with u-spacing and v-spacing set to (1,0.1,0.1)
2- Define the smallest unit pattern and u and v shift to repeat.
3- Use ptManage2DPattern to define the custom pattern (saved in the attached file, and can load using ptLoad2DPattern)
shifteddiamondcustompattern.txt (917 Bytes)
4- Use ptPanelGrid and set Pattern=ShiftedDiamond

Note that this gives you the 2D curve based paneling, you will need to extrude or offset to get to the 3D pattern. Also, you will see some gaps generated, so this is an approximate approach. There might be other ways to account for some bend and no-gap output, but I hope this will at least get you started.
ShiftedDiamond.3dm (548.3 KB)

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Hi and thank you for your thorough reply,
I ended up using another pattern instead but this explanation will come in handy in the future,
Hopefully this can help someone else as well

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