Issue with paneling tool

I try to use paneling tool without succes.
I create a paneling grid on a shape
And I want to custom with 3D panel .
The shape doesn’t fit the geometry
FInd a capture display on the following document
Thanks for your help !!!

Upload you .3dm file so someone can look at it ? :roll_eyes:
A picture says NOTHING in this situation
Problem occurs on MAC or Windows ??? (While you post for both)

Hello Eddi,
Problem occurs on Windows (yes I have to remove the post on Mac )
Please, find the .3dm file.
Thanks (12.1 MB)

Hi Gwen - what PT commands, exactly, did you use here?


Hello Pascal,

1/ PT / create paneling grid / surface domain number
2/ PT / grid utility / offset point
3/ PT/paneling from grid / panel custom 3D

Thanks !

@gwen Hi Gwen - offset the surface (_OffsetSrf _Solid=No0 by the same as the grid offset (.3) and select it as one of the bounding surfaces - does that look better?