AutoCAD Custom Pattern (Paneling Tools)

I have been trying to figure out a quick and easy way to convert a fairly complex 2D pattern drawn in AutoCAD to a format that is pasteable into the Panel Connections dialog (paneling tools) (Test Persistent data) as opposed to typing out several lines to coordinates. I have linked the DWG format (ACAD 2018) file below and would be grateful should anyone offer any kind of advice, particularly if there is a third party app that can do the conversion. Many thanks.

Hi Shwan,
The pattern you are showing in the attached file has arcs and this is a limitation in the connecting pattern in PanelingTools. It only connect grid points to create the pattern.
In your case, even if all were polylines, it is still very challenging given the level of detail.
How do you invision the application of this pattern? Can you use it as a module with ptPanelGridCustom command? Here is an example:

Hi Raja,
Thank you for your response and the kind effort via the attachment. What I am trying to do is something similar to the attachment (attractor point) with a variance in size of pattern. In parallel the pattern is to repeat at the attachment too.

There are few ways to achieve what you are after. See attached file.
test pattern (703.8 KB)