Paneling pattern gone?


I have been trying to learn the paneling tools with online tutorials. Everything was going fine until after I created a new pattern (see “heart”). When I tried to use the ptPanelGrid command, all the pattern options disappeared, alongside the new heart pattern I created. Is there anywhere I can retrieve these patterns or am I seeing a bug?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @png01 this is strange.
Can you post the file? What happen if you close then reopen the file?


I got frustrated and deleted the file. Here’s a new one though - and the pattern option still isn’t showing up.

What I did:

  1. I opened a new document and created a new pattern with it. When I tried ptPanelGrid the pattern option is gone.
  2. I reopened the same document and the option is still gone.
  3. Just to check if the disappearing pattern option is a document specific/one-off issue I opened another new document and did NOT create a new pattern but only used the ptPanelGrid command. Unfortunately the pattern option is still not there.

So from what I’m seeing the ptManage2DPatterns command just removed the pattern option entirely for me on Rhino T_T
NoPatternO_o.3dm (3.4 MB)

You are right, the pattern you created and named “<3” caused the “Pattern” option in ptPanelGrid command disappear. This is because options require starting with letter or number and a name starting with “<” was not parsed.
I ran ptManage2DPatterns and renamed your pattern, and it showed on the list of patterns just fine.
I hope this clarified the issue.


Thank you so much!! Really appreciate the help, and I will go rename the pattern right now