ptPanelGrid commands

I am trying to create a variable pattern of ovals on a lofted surface that will split to create a openings where the ovals are in a dynamic pattern. I get as far as the Split command but it does not generate the split. It appears as if the control points from the original grid were not inserted properly…not sure…

The ovals should be accurately positioned on the surface, if they are not, the split will fail. Try the Pull command to project them onto the surface.

have you got a file? i am also asking because i didnt use paneling for this and would like to try. i am not sure how accurate curves can be laid down on a loft with paneling, you might have to use pull as maxz said to get them accurately onto the surface. @maxz you posted a second before i wanted to hit the button for posting :smiley: and this after 5 hours nobody responding… cheee

Thanks for the message, here are three of the paneling tutorials by Lee-su Hunag that I was following to make the panel. If you look at the second one at 8:55, he uses the Split command to make the holes in the panel; when I try, it doesnt happen. It may have something to do with how the grid is incorporated into the panel because mine doesnt light up as one grid. All other commands seem to work fine…


if you have any ideas of how to solve the Flip command issue that is in the second of the videos I gave a link to, let me know, thanks.

i assume you are still talking about split? its difficult to say why it does not in your case,
you may have to place the file. can also be an issue of tolerance.

Yes, I meant Split…not sure what you mean by “place the file” …but if you look at the image at 9:04 at the link below, and figure out which sequence of command you would use to create that screen, that would solve it. The only thing I cant excite is the last command to Split the surface, and Trim doesnt work…

i meant you can drag and drop your file into the reply field if you want somebody to have a look. if your circles are on the surface through the panelling tools it should actually intersect. the sequence is usually easy and i assume you did some splitting already? or does it not work in your case? splitting works as followed: either you select the surface first and then enter the command it will only ask you to select the splitting objects (the objects which will be used as knifes) in your case the circles. or you enter the command first it will ask you for objects to split, after selecting them you hit space or enter and then it asks you for the splitting objects. you complete the command by hitting enter or space which is clear by now i hope otherwise i would be wondering how you get around with paneling tools :smiley:

either way after the command has finished you simply selects the cut out parts and delete them to make the holes visible. splitting does not trim the parts out it just cuts them, the removing still has to be done in case that was the misunderstanding, otherwise post your file here.

thanks, I finally figured out that they need to be removed, which I did just before I read your answer. The funny thing is that in the video, Lee is working on a Windows version and there the perforated holes get cut out automatically when he enters the Split command and thats where I got stuck…The Mac WIP version is different. So, thanks for the response.