Limted Patterns on Paneling Tools

Hi, I just newly installed paneling tools to go through some tutorial online.

However, I found that I have limted 2D patterns to play choose from. But the online tutorial have other patterns like brick, tribasic, wave etc etc.

Is there a way to load more patterns?


Some of these patterns were removed from the default because you can easily create them, and generate a file with your desired patterns. Note that the Hex pattern was added to the default list since we get lots of questions about how to generate… Use ptManage2DPatterns to create the pattern.

I generated 3 pattern for you and saved to a file using ptSave2DPatterns command. you can use ptLoad2DPatterns command to load them. Let me know if anything is not clear. All commands and their options are explained in the Manual.
2DPanelingPatterns.txt (1.2 KB)

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Wow, thank you so much Rajaa.

@rajaa I tried to use the above patterns for 2D paneling but now I dont have any patterns in that command (Panel 2D Grid)?!

How can I get it back and preferably the extended variations off pattern-types?

Really need help! Now I deleted the panelingtools plugin in the 3 places I found it and reinstalled but the grid pattern option is still gone. I also tried to make my own pattern and that dont work either!
What can I do to get a working PanelingTools?

Nevermind… Wiped my whole system from everything of PanelingTools and reinstalled and now I got the basic patterns back.
But would really like the extended patterns already installed with the plugin!
Cant understand why they are not included… Afraid that, if I make my own pattern the original will be deleted…

Hi @Per
Very surprised your basic patterns got wiped out!
I’d like to understand how you did it.
Did you use “ptLoad2DPatterns” command to load the patterns in the posted txt file?

Hi Rajaa
And yes I did, and then the original patterns disappeared and the new one´s did not show…
But now its working, even with composing my own patterns, but it took some hour´s to get it working…

It could be that you used different version of PT to create the original file. At any rate, if you see it happen again please let me know.

Hello Rajaa, I’m currently using a modified version of the brick pattern. Is it possible to create the infill panels at each end or would that need to be done after the pattern is created?

Depends on a couple things. Are you outputting curves? Do you have a base surface to trim against?
You might be able to create a slightly bigger grid then trim, or create a separate pattern for the ends.
If you share your example, I might be able to help more.