Loft - series


Hello to everyone, I am quite new to rhino and grasshopper, so I excuse myself if this is too simple or has been previously answered (I couldn´t find any posts about it)

I have two lists of lines , and I am trying to loft list1-line 1 with list 2-line 1, list1-line 2 with list 2-line 2, and so on ,
I have tried lofting , but grasshopper will loft list1-line 1 to list 1-line2, line 3, line 4 and so on,
I have also tried flattening and grafting, but it hasnt worked

What am I doing wrong ? I am certainly missing something …

Many thanks and best regards,

lamss [Oct-17 '18, 1008].gh (11.7 KB)

Always make sure to internalize your data, so we have access to your geometries.

You simply have to graft your outputs. See here: (4.5 KB)