Surface from curves

Hi, I want to fill these curves with some panels so i should make some surfaces between these curves
is anyone here helping me how to do it?how to (8.0 KB)

Check this out. You’ll need weaverbird plugin…
If your lines were the result of a kangaroo simulation, you could have just gotten the mesh, not just the lines, directly from the solver …

how to (14.6 KB)

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Yeah it was really helpful
thanks a lot

Actually, you don’t have to use GH for this…
Rhino 6 has “MeshFromLines” command.


sorry by changing my curves the result faced a problem, i think the problem is related to 5 edges faces, but i dont know how to solve this

how to (15.5 KB)

Try to increase the maximum valence count…

how to (15.5 KB)

that’s great but it creates multi panels in these parts, is there any way to change it to one panel?

and the last question, how can i make a surface on the upper part (the circle shape part)?

If you really want to, you can try to force it, but that’s not the way to recommend…

how to (21.7 KB)

it was very good, thank you so much