Paneling double curved surface (roof tiles)

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Hi Seghier,

Is it possible to modify this script to create a tiled dome pattern as shown on the copper dome image below? I’m looking to have the tiles"overlap" as oppose to having the valley’s in between the tiles.



This is different thing
You can use Paneling tools and you will find other threads in the forum about what you need

Share your file i will try with Paneling tools


The dome was made in grasshopper. I’m looking to keep the same tile layout and proportion.

Best, Phillip

dome_ (20.4 KB)
dome_tile.3dm (147.3 KB)

I don’t know why paneling tools don’t work properly ; i use lunchbox but the only problem is the triangle faces on the sim curve
you can find solution for that and i am sure there are other solutions in the forums about this pattern
in the defintion you can use flat tiles or use lunchbox surfaces

dome_ (22.2 KB)

@seghierkhaled which part didn’t work for you using PanelingTools? I’m curious to see where you got a problem. Here is a similar problem solved using PT in Rhino.

Hi Rajaa; i am sure it worked for me before i just don’t remember where i posted the solution if am not wrong

Using orient to grid but the same problem like lunchbox on the seam curve

i think the problem solved by using Paneling tools and array

dome_ (30.6 KB)

Seghier & Rajaa you’ve been a huge help. Cant thank you guys enough!

Is it possible to alter the gh script to have the tiles be more like dome 1 (to make the top tiles less skewed)?

Below is the new version I altered from your file ( dome tile re2 ).

You needed to wrap the grid an extra row (or column) so you have enough grid points to cover the seam.

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Just replace the surface with the other one

Thank you i will try that

Hi Seghier,

Could you be more specific in terms of “replacing the surface”? Also when I opened your dome tile re2 gh file there wasn’t a profile curve, I added one from a previous file then noticed that the tiles are intersecting ( see image)…maybe I’m missing something in gh script . I’m wanting to use this file for a cnc machine to create a mold for a fiberglass dome. Thanks again for your help!!!

Try this
dome_ (26.7 KB)


Awesome! Last thing I want to verify. This is the tile configuration I have when I opened your model (see image)… Is there a way of having the tiles near the top be smaller like in image of Dome 1?



dome tile_re3

Dome 1

I don’t know, try to use your method like before.
If you want equal tiles that need alot of work

Gotcha… Thanks again for your help!

Hi Seghier,

Quick question. I went back to your original final, whenI copied the profile curve into the model, the tiles seem to be facing the inside of the dome. Whats the best way to flip the tiles to the outside?