Panel Text Very Small

I am working with a colleague on grasshopper scripts and we are having an issue when we pass files back and forth. When I open a file he edited last, the text in all the panels is way too small. I can’t read the values at all without zooming in completely. I have attached a screen shot for reference.

What is the origin of this bug? How can we avoid this happening going forward? How can I quickly correct this?

There’s nothing you can do, the font size is related to the screen scaling in Windows, but unlike all other text in the grasshopper ui, the fonts in panels gets saved as part of the file.

You can assign a new font, but that’s all. Any actual fix has to be part of a grasshopper update.

What is the timeline on this grasshopper update? We are spending hours each week to correct for this bug.

Get a 4K screen, it’s worth it!

That’s not a practical solution. Expecting someone to drop $200+ per employee (more because we have to get color calibrated screens as well) is a poor solution to a software problem that has been documented for almost a year.

Are you using Rhino 7? It is unlikely that there will be another Rhino 6 service release. And if there is going to be, not anytime soon.

Metahopper is free

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This component makes all my text boxes invalid and bloody (literally) when ever I try to change the font size.

Maybe @andheum knows a way to avoid having to Recompute?

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That did it! you just saved us hours of time a week. Thank you

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I was looking forward to having this issue fixed in Rhino 7. It is not :frowning: Is this on any kind list of bugs to correct? What is the timeline on the fix?

Hi -

It is on the list as RH-56400, yes. Currently, the release target for that item is set to 8.x.