GH Panel Font Size Scaling Issue - 1080p vs 4k

Grasshopper scales the Panel font size based on screen resolution and it results in text too large or too small when switching between 1080p<>4k. I understand the premise of doubling or halving to adjust to resolution, but while running a 4k screen the text is scaled by 200% via windows so it makes it redundant. If it stuck to 8pt, it would appear correctly in both scenarios. (given the windows scaling)

Currently we’re dealing with the scenario of the computer the file is made on, sets the initial text size and doesn’t work well on the other because it doubles or halves the size. So starting with 8pt default on 1080p and opening on 4k scales the font size to 16pt, while starting with 8pt default on 4k scales the font size to 4pt.

It makes sense in theory but not in practice when sharing files across different users. Would it make sense (if there isn’t one already) to have an option to turn on or off scaling? In preferences or display settings. Or takes into account the text scaling that windows is set to?

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Yes, this is a real problem. Does anyone have a solution?

This is still a major problem for me and my team. Unfortunately, metahopper isn’t a consistent solution either as about 30% of the time is make the panels invalid when you try to change the font size and you have to close and reopen the file to try again.

See here.

I’m sold! Pancake seems to be doing a lot of interesting things! I’m downloading it today.

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That plugin is 100% crêpe.