Panel Cursor missing sometimes

Dont know why, but sometimes the Cursor is missing in Grasshopper for Mac. This happens seemingly randomly…

I was just creating a new script and noticed it again. This bug is not fatal… but very annoying. I am using the newest RH7.

Did someone experience this as well? (5.8 KB)

I’ve noticed this one too from time to time!

Hi Rudi -
I’ve watched your video a few times…
This is one of those (many) cases where a picture or video isn’t worth 1000 words. I have no idea what I am supposed to be looking at here.

Hey Wim,

thanks for the reply! As the title says:
The cursor is missing. It is not visible, one cannot see where one is about to type.


Hi Rudi -
The title says “panel cursor” - is this happening only in / over a panel? Only when you are editing the contents of a panel? Without more information, there’s still very little to go on here.

Seems to be only happening in the Panel component.
It works fine in:
Number Slider
Value List
Setting data item in List Item
Naming a Named View in GH

Hey @rudolf.neumerkel,

This is normal macOS behaviour - when you start typing it hides the cursor so you can see what you are typing. When you move the mouse it comes back. It is even happening to me when I am typing this reply right now in Safari. See here for more details.

Hope this helps!

Hey @curtisw!
Not the mouse cursor is disappearing, but the cursor for typing the text -> as shown in the video above.

Unfortunately, I don’t know exactly how to reproduce this constantly. Sometimes this issue appears just when opening a new empty gh-file.

Cheers, Rudi

Hey @rudolf.neumerkel,

Ah I was looking at the wrong thing (cursor is usually in reference to the mouse, while caret is the insertion point in text). I think that might be happening because the color of the caret is white in dark mode, and with your GH color settings having the panel background as white means you cannot see it.

I’ll see if I can adjust the color of the caret depending on the panel’s color. You can track the progress with RH-59618.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the clarification… learned a new word!
Seem to be the problem, yes: When in Light mode, the caret is visible - but when in Dark mode it is not. Also When the Panel color is yellow, the caret it not visible as well.

Much success,

@curtisw, any updates regarding this topic? it is veeeery hard to work with panels in dark mode…
Thank you!

Hey @rudolf.neumerkel, no progress on this thus far sorry. The only way around right now it is to use a different panel color. Thanks for bringing it up again, I’ll bump it up the list so it gets attention hopefully sooner.

@curtisw, any new developments?
This bug combined with this annoying one:

makes the use of Panels in dark mode unnecessarily cumbersome…