Shift+enter shortcut creates unwanted paragraph

The shift+enter shortcut for panels creates an unwanted paragraph. When zoomed in, and the text editor not appearing, everything works fine. This is not the case when zooming out and hitting shift+enter with the text editor. See video attached below:

@curtisw could you have a look at that?
only seem to be happening in Dark Mode

@curtisw, @dan seems to be am easy fix with a lot of value :building_construction:

Hi @rudolf.neumerkel thanks for your patience. Sorry for the delayed response.

I can reproduce what you are seeing, but I want to talk expectations first. On macOS, Shift+Enter/Return is, by default, a newline, sometimes called a “soft line-break.” But it sounds like what you want to happen, when you press Shift+Enter is for the OK button to get pressed, so to speak, and the dialog to close. What is happening now is that a newline is getting inserted (as you can see) and the dialog closes. What I would expect to happen is that a newline gets inserted and the dialog does not close.

Can you please talk about that expectation? I don’t use that “shortcut” so I want to better understand the context. I suspect we can find some elegant solution to this one.

PS: I don’t think Dark Mode enters into this.

PPS: I’ll track this here in case we come up with something workable:

RH-77350 Grasshopper: Shift-enter/return shortcut in Edit Notes panel inserts extra line

I expect it to press ok and shut the window, just like on the Windows version of Grasshopper, so one does not have to click the OK Button.

As an example, this works fine with the Scribble component. It behaves just as expected.

Correct, I was wrong, instead it just has sth to do with the dialog box: