Unable to type on GH for Mac

Hello everybody! I just finished installing Rhino WIP trial version, launch the software, works fine. Then launch Grasshopper command, Grasshopper window opens up but there I can’t type commands. It’s my first time trying GH and i’m a complete newbie with it so maybe i’m just not doing something basic. Watching tutorials on youtube that seems rather possible to do and normal as well. I tried just typing, Shift key, Enter key, Spacebar (which makes a kind of command wheel pop up, maybe somebody can tell me what it does :slight_smile: ), Cmd key and some combinations of these but no command input bar shows up.
As a user accustomed to using keyboard commands I’d like to fix this problem of mine, so if anybody know why, please help because I couldn’t find solutions on the web…



I don’t own a mac…
In Grasshopper on Windows you have to double-click an empty space in the Grasshopper canvas and it will open a search like form, there you can write the name of the component you need.

Yeah thanks i finally got it thanks to a tutorial :slight_smile: it’s the first software i meet where u have to double click for keyboard inputs!

I think it is like this because there are not “commands” or functions to call, but you actually create a new component/object in the canvas, so the location is really relevant.
Like: “lets create here this stuff…”

If you write without a location GH could “pop” the new component in the middle of the GH viewport… maybe this could be an idea for future development, who knows.