Grasshopper UI problem. Editing component labels

Since V8 I am plagued by jittery mouse cursor placement when editing Grasshopper Components Labels and or Group names.

Context: I am visually impaired, no peripheral vision & sensitive to light, so I use, on a Mac , Dark Mode and ‘Accessibility’ features to try and keep track of the mouse pointer and its changes.

In other apps I have trouble seeing the “Edit Marker”, usually a vertical line. In Grasshopper I have set colours so to see it.

What happens is,

Once placed in a text edit box the edit marker is super sensitive to any motion of the mouse. If the mouse pointer strays outside the text box the edit marker disappears. If mouse cursor is brought back into edit box before any key is pressed the edit mark reappears and typing in the box is possible. I consistently think I am in control, begin typing only to find or not find the cursor where I expect it.

After decades of mouse work and losing the cursor from sight I have a habit of clicking to place the edit marker and then moving the cursor so I can see past the mouse pointer (made large because of vision problems). I move the mouse pointer so as to see the text entry site. Because of this and arthritis the mouse moves, If the mouse pointer leaves the box the Edit Mark is lost and control is no longer possible.

When this happens and I am not aware, I am eyeing my keyboard to type the desired text in the box. When I look up from the keyboard nothing has happened unless, sometimes a Return Key is pressed It will deposit typed text in the edit box. This Sometimes is only when no Short Cut Key is pressed (when mouse pointer is outside edit box) that halts the edit & closes the dialogue box.

It seems like there could be a MAC setting for mouse pointers that could change. I have 2 different mice: Apple & 3Dconnexion. Problem persist independently,

My work around is to take pains not to touch the mouse once I know the edit cursor is in play. Once hand is removed from mouse and a double check of EDIT MARK confirms its location in text box, only then can I begin typing.

Please make the EDIT MARK persist once in an edit box. Don’t let a wandering mouse override the edit function.

Don’t do that :bangbang: Changing the names of components hides their purpose, making code difficult to read. It’s better to modify only the names of outputs and inputs.

Only trying to rename inputs and outputs.

Hey @synergeticsam1,

Thanks for reporting the issue. This is a known problem with macOS Sonoma, as Apple has re-written their context menu (it was implemented in Carbon before, now it uses AppKit). In doing so, they have changed the behaviour of what happens with the mouse and other things (keyboard shortcuts no longer work).

This is being tracked with RH-81454.

Thanks for update.

This bug threatens one’s sanity.

Only a true Zen of data entry avoids heartache.

Curtis Palmer