Grasshopper Component Name, Input/Output Renaming Fickle And Unresponsive


In Rhino 8 (8.6.24086.11002, 2024-03-26), renaming Grasshopper component names, inputs, or outputs is very fickle and unreliable. I’d noticed this in previous Rhino versions as well, but it seems to have gotten worse.

The problem seems to appear when a component name or input/output is right-clicked on, and the dialogue appears with the text field on top that lets you rename the label.

Placing the cursor in the text field is often not possible and I have to retry numerous times before I can edit the current name. The cursor doesn’t seem to stick.

In between the mouse clicks highlighted in the video, I hit backspace in order to delete the current text, which doesn’t happen for awhile.

I also can’t use CMD + A as a work-around. This macOS-specific keyboard shortcut generally selects all text in a document, text field, etc., so that it can for instance be replaced.

This should be easily reproducible, since it happens all the time.

Hey @diff-arch,

Thank you for reporting the issue. I can see that too, and it appears a macOS update caused this wonderful new behaviour, and is likely related to this one breaking too: RH-57216 Grasshopper: Parameter input keyboard shortcuts required enter or space to complete

I’ve created RH-81454 for this specific issue.


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Thank you!

I’ve noticed that this seems to be related to where the mouse cursor is hovering. While editing a Grasshopper text field, if you keep it within the field, editing the field works better. However, if you move the cursor out of it, the text cursor (i.e. |) disappears and thus the ability to edit the text.