Package Manager issues

  1. The command is hidden, is this deliberate?
  2. There’s no indication inside the manager which plugins were already installed. I’m not talking about these that were installed from the manager itself but the ones installed without it.
  • this lead to a crash, when I was trying to install Paneling tools but I had it installed. I assumed it was gonna update it but instead it crashed Rhino.
  1. There’s no Uninstall button for plugins
  2. There’s no Update button for plugins
  3. There’s no “Load on start” check box. I believe this should be user defined.
  4. Could we get access to Package Manager when clicking on Help->Plug-ins
  5. @Luc is it possible to add Bongo2 in this manager?

1 Yes, it has the word Test in it. It means it isn’t completely ready, hence 2,3. 4 works when a newer package exists for one that was installed through yak. 5 is done in the normal plug-in manager. the future when it is no longer a test command. 7.probably not an option, since licensing - maybe in the future, who knows.


About 5.

Plugin stuff are a bit scattered a few commands under HELP->PLUGINS others accessed from TOOLS->OPTIONS and then there are Abouts for each plugin’s menu.

Help > Plug-ins opens Tools > Options > Plug-ins. That is a convenience entry there (:

nvm, I have false memory.

Just to add, you should see an “Online” and a “Installed” tab in the package manager. Installed packages and updates are displayed in the “Installed” tab.

Yes, I noticed also that the version number under the Online tab is colored in green for the ones that are installed.

In the Installed tab there’s Update button but no Uninstall button. Until there’s an Uninstall button you may wanna place a way to open the folder where the plugins are installed so testers can uninstall plugins manually.