Grasshopper plugin built with the newest nuget package Rhino/Grasshopper

I build my GH plugin with the newest Rhino/Grasshopper nuget package (7.17), and tested it on several machines.

The machine installing Rhino 7 SR15 cannot find the package in PackagerManager.
The machine installing Rhino 7 SR 1 cannot load the gha file.

What is the relationship between the nuget package version and the compatibility of the plugin to older Rhino version?

Correct. The Rhino/Grasshopper NuGet package defines the minimum Rhino version a plug-in will load in.

ā€“ Dale

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So if I want to support both Rhino 6 and 7, I need to install Grasshopper nuget package 6.x?
Does Grasshopper in Rhino 7 can load plugins compiled with nuget Grasshopper 6.x?
Is there any rule of thumb when deciding compatibility (breaking changes in certain version, etc.)?

Current available version:

If you want a single Grasshopper plug-in assembly to load in both V6 and V7, then yes you will need 6.x NuGet package. Iā€™d recommend just using 6.35 since this is the latest and last Rhino 6 service release. If customers are not using this version, then they should upgrade.

ā€“ Dale


Then for Rhino 7 only, I should use 7.0 for the best support?