Grasshopper (RH6) packages on Yak for Rhino 7


I have a plugin that I develop in C# with the Rhino 6 version of the NuGet packages.
It all works perfectly with downloading it through Rhino 6’s _TestPackageManager, I can get the latest version (2021.2.4) and it updates when I upload a new version to Yak.

In Rhino 7’s PackageManager I can only get a version from last year (2020.9.3)

Is there something I’m missing since the newer version of my plugin is not available for Rhino 7?

Please take a look at this answer to a similar question.

I’m still having troubles with porting my plugin from Rhino 6 to 7.
I did as suggested, after running yak build I copy and rename the yak package to rh7 and then push both packages.
So now I can download and install the plugin through the Package Manager in Rhino7. So far so good.
However the plugin doesn’t work in Rhino7.

This is the error I get when installing with Yak.

Screenshot 2021-02-18 090415

If I uninstall the Yak package and download the .gha and .dll file and put it into Grasshoppers components folder, I suddenly get another error.

Screenshot 2021-02-18 090221

Hi @procedural,

If your project referenced the Newtonsoft.Json.dll, included with Rhino 6, then you should know the assembly has been renamed to Newtonsoft.Json.Rhino.dll, so as not to conflict with other plug-in distributing ``Newtonsoft.Json.dll`.

Perhaps this helps?

– Dale

I don’t reference that .dll, I install the Newtonsoft package from Nuget separately, so that shouldn’t be the problem

We don’t ship Newtonsoft.Json.dll with Rhino 7, so you’ll need to include it yourself in the rh7 distribution of your package.