Yak8 can't find, but PackageManager8 CAN?

Hi all,

I’m struggling a bit with updating some plugins on Rhino8.

Yak8 commandline yields “no compatible plugin” on the below prompt:
yak install eleFront-Rhino-6-Legacy although it clearly finds it on yak search eleFront-Rhino-6-Legacy.

Same plugin installs fine in the Packagemanager of Rhino8 !?

Is the PackageManager using another logic than the Yak?

This is really a bump in the way of upgrading company wide to next version.

Same for

  • Clipper2
  • Human

Hey @sonderskovmathias,

I have found Rhino 7 yak works fine (But only installs to Rhino 7)

Yak 0.13.0 (0.13.8432.25166), Rhino 7.27 (7.27.23032.13001)

I have found however, as you have that Rhino 8 yak does not work

Yak 0.13.0 (0.13.8725.23610), Rhino 8.1 (8.1.23325.13001)


Yak 0.13.0 (0.13.8754.16426), Rhino 8.3 (8.3.23354.09001)

The reason is because the Package is only listed to support Rhino 7
The package name is rh-7-any so Yak can’t resolve it.

I don’t know why this works fine in Rhino 8 however as far as I know it uses Yak.

– cs

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As a workaround you could install via 7, copy it to 8, and then uninstall.

$yak = "C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\System\yak.exe"
& $yak install eleFront-Rhino-6-Legacy

$rn7Path = "$Env:APPDATA\McNeel\Rhinoceros\packages\7.0"
$rn8Path = "$Env:APPDATA\McNeel\Rhinoceros\packages\8.0"

Copy-Item $rn7Path $rn8Path  -Recurse -Force

& $yak uninstall eleFront-Rhino-6-Legacy

Tested and working here :slight_smile:

– cs

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Agreed and same experience.

  • But should Yak8 search show a package that only works in Rh7?
  • Or should it notify you which versions are compatible.
  • And is it intended that the Rh7 packages can be installed in the Rhino8 PackageManager(UI)

Another note - instead of filtering by Rhino version in yak, we should be able to filter for .NET version in the future.

Otherwise we’ll be in a big limbo between Framework and Core. @pedrocortes

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As a user I’d Expect Rhino 8 to show rhino 6/7 plugins and assume as default they are net48. I’d think ideally plugins are only prevented from working backwards rather than forwards.

For rhino 8+ plugins I’d expect it to show every plugin and show me if it supports net48/netcore and let me install regardless of what mode I’m in. And then only load if I’m in the right framework

– cs

Agreed - ideally it’s possible to add a package that contains both Core and Framework builds.
But McNeel needs a way to tag this in the manifest files or in the yak file names.

Would be nice with dual builds and then load the relevant on demand.

The SetDotNetFramework command could then show a list of compatible plugins in both frameworks.

I believe this will be the solution going forward for multi-targeted Yaks

Thanks for reporting this! The package manager in Rhino 8 was updated to be more backwards compatible but these changes didn’t make it to the CLI. I’ll see that this happens!