[SPOTTED] Rhino used in Bladerunner 2049 production

I watched this video and spotted that Rhino was used for Bladerunner production so i thought i’ll share my finding to the world :slight_smile:

btw. i think this is nice marketing info :slight_smile:


That’s really interesting. I had no idea that building miniature sets was still used in films, I assumed it was all CGI these days.

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I thought it will be obvious in this case that they will try to get (as much as possible) similar feeling to original one where all scenography was build by hand :slight_smile: To be honest i would be disappointed if all would be CGI in case of new Bladerunner.

All new trends go to an extreme and then the pendulum falls back towards the normal. Thus one can harness the best of the new and the old.
Actors have a really hard time relating emotionally to a story in greenrooms, acting with placeholders in greensuits, so the trend is to let them have as much real scenery around them as possible. And the same goes for directors and photographers, it is much easier to be in the scene with a miniature as you can light it and tweak it hands on, instead of having to ask a “teenager” if “this” or “that” is possible. It’s just better for creativity, and with the amount of cash blockbusters generate then happy actors and directors are worth every penny.

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While not strictly Rhino related check out this short video about LAIKA Studios. They’re mixing the best of stop motion and CGI and 3D Printing!