Oxyplot or other Charting in ETO

Has anyone had any luck writing ETO forms with charts using OxyPlot or some other charting library?

Did/Does it work both on Mac and Windows?

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I have used Eto worth OxyPlot, however only on Windows and not in rhino, but in a standalone application.
You will need this package

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Thanks for the suggestion. I’m finding the compatibility issues between myriad libraries and different versions of those libraries to be pretty labyrinthine… but before I try and sort that out, I wanted to make sure it was even a possibility.


As you see in the NuGet page, the package is already 2 years old and references an even older version of OxyPlot (2014.*).
If you want to use a newer version of OxyPlot you will have to code your own Eto.Oxyplot AND Eto.OxyPlot.Wpf replacement. I have done this for my project, so if you need such a replacement I can share the code.


Interesting. What about compatibility with the version of ETO that Rhino 6 references?


I don’t know tbh, but I don’t expect problems.