Best Way to Make Graph Editor GUI

I am trying to decide on the best way to go about making a GUI for a plug-in, specifically like the one linked below:

I have experimented with the python api, including the ETO forms, I am having trouble finding a way to do something like this. I would think that since this is a rather complex scale-able gui compenent that it would require a C++ plugin with a custom OpenGL panel for this graph section. In the interest of time, I would like to be able to use python, but I am doubting the capabilities of this api. Does anyone have any advice?

Hi @dks5254,

If I understand correctly, you are looking for some kind of charting or graphing component. As you know, this isn’t something Eto has. You could work up your own control based on Eto’s Drawable control. But it would take some work.

But I’ve seen numerous graphing control out in the wild (Internet). They’d be based on either WinForms or WPF. I think WinForms is easier to use with Python that WPF. But neither of these technologies is cross-platform.

– Dale

I have good experience using OxyPlot in combination with Eto (in a stand-alone application, not in Rhino, but that should not matter). This was not in Python, but in C#, but both target the .NET runtime so it should be possible.

I was using OxyPlot in Rhino and I can recommend this solution. Either as WPF or as a WinForm.

I will definitely look into this, thank you!

Edit: I think the custom draw able will be very possible for the purposes I’m looking for, since I will actually be simpler than what is pictured. So It is good that I am seeing multiple options.

Hello @menno
Do you have an example how to use oxyplot with eto and ironpython?

No, not with Python.