Overriding style when reedit the text

The text style is overridden When I reedit the text.
I can’t change to original font.

TEXT TEXT BUG.3dm (329.8 KB)

Thanks for the report.
I’m pretty sure this is fixed in the SR12 release candidate that just went out.
I’m working on verifying it now.

Thanks! I’m also working in the SR12.

@yusuke.okada - The file you linked was made with SR11.
Can you attach the results from running SystemInfo in Rhino?
I’m particularly interested in the exact build of Rhino and the Windows version and language.

@yusuke.okada - I tested today on this version of Rhino:
Rhino 6 SR12 2018-12-10 (Rhino 6, 6.12.18344.11351, Git hash:master @ 7e7861196e6a63039baef01a26c91f7a9ab36c13)
on a Japanese windows computer.
The problem appears to have been fixed.
The file you posted above (SR11 file) still displays incorrectly until you edit the text or make new text and then it is ok.
If you see something different, let me know the specifics of what you see

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