Annotation Style Overrides when copy pasted text

HI there
I am using rhino 6 version(version 6.17.19235.15041, 23-08-2019) I am having Two problem of annotation style overrides

  1. when i copy text from on text box to another text box new text will show override annotation style.
    it should copy text only not with annotation style for text right ?
  2. Override text doesn’t modify when clicked remove overrides in properties tabs. (image no 4)

Hello - so far I do not see this in the latest here. Can you try updating to 6.18 and see if it is any better?

@ranjit - the developer says:

It sounds like you may be getting formatted text in the clipboard when you copy the text. That happens with many (most) windows programs when you highlight text and Ctrl-C.
Then when you paste Ctrl-V into a Rhino text edit box, the formatting is maintained. If it’s different than what the Annotation style specifies, the differences become overrides.
Does that sound like what you see?

Specifically, what text box are you copying from and what text box are you copying to?

About the second part of not being able to remove overrides, what you have selected both in the Rhino model and in the edit box are significant. In order to help with that, I need very specific info about what and how you pick, where you click etc to see what’s going on.
If you click a text object in the model and either don’t click in the edit box or select everything in the edit box, the remove overrides should work. If it doesn’t something needs fixed.


I have been wondering about that too.
for my use it does not make sense to keep the format with paste. That will mess up the font of the annotation style in use. I often copy the same text into texts with different annotation styles. eg. to have it in different scale or font (bold etc) in several locations but I can’t copy from the previous text object, as it will force an override. I need to retype.

imho it should be default to paste without format and then a second “paste” creating these overrides on object level. maybe with a more complicated shortcut like ctrl+shift/alt+V.


I just want to come back to this shortly because the discussion didn’t proceed.

to put it short:

Can we get an option to paste without formatting?
this is a standard in many applications, and being forced to keep the formatting is a problem in the different workflows

thank you!

Hi Daniel - we have this on the list as RH-44357.
In the meanwhile, you can “wash” formatted text by pasting into Windows Notepad or into the Rhino Notes panel. (I suspect that, at some point, the latter option will go away when that panel is updated to allow rich text).

Hi Wim,

i see release target v7.x

is there a chance that this simple change can make it into v6?

the behavior of the text field C&V gets in the way all the time, and using notepad to clear is really annoying by now.

would be much appreciated!

Hi Daniel -

I would say that that chance is very slim.
At this point, this feature is not even implemented in the Rhino 7 WIP. It is, as you noted, something that - at this point - is planned to be looked at during the life of Rhino 7. So, in any case, it will only become available some period of time after Rhino 7 has been released.