Overrides annotation bug(Japanese ver)


When I oparate Linear Dimensions(ex. copy), it was overrided another style automatically.
Do you have any solutions?
V6 SR14

Hello - is this random? Does the copy take the current annotation style or some other specific one? Can you please post an example file?


anotation.3dm (51.0 KB)

Hi.Thank you for your replying. yes, it’s random. And the copy is current annotation.
When I opened this file again, Sometimes It was not broken.

Hello - can you tell me if the annotation style is incorrectly assigned - i.e. a different style, with a different name, or is the result the same style but it is displaying incorrectly? If it is the first one, can you please post or send me a file that has all the different styles that are in the file that does not work?