Overlay base colour on top of existing texture

What is the best method to overlay a single colour texture on top of the existing texture?

Say, I want to take a grey masonry texture and make it yellow or red and I don’t want to open photoshop or substance painter and tweak every single material. Among different types of materials available there’s “single colour texture”. Is there a way to layer it on top of the photorealistic bitmap texture?

Hello - you can set the base color of a material and then set the texture to less than 100% to get the base color into the final rendering of the texture.


Note though that this also means less ‘contrast’ the lower the amount is set.

Yep… I was looking for a better way (see Slack… ) but that is a start.


yeah that’s what I used to do but the huge drawback of this method is losing detail in texture as the base colour starts to “take over”.

The better way would be to use the Color Adjustment panel of a bitmap texture. Change the Hue Shift.

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