Overlapping hatches to planes or closed non-overlapping polylines? How?

I made an architectural site plan using hatches as block shapes in rhino. It’s just a lot faster/easier than drawing the polilines and hatch filling when iterating. Most of the hatches are overlapping and on different z-axis heights to allow the overlap. Now, client wants me to export into a format that works for blender. Hatches dont export out for blender, and doing a Dupborder causes all the overlapping hatches to conflict, and would require a half day of trimming to clean up. (screenshot attached shows an example of roads with some grass and building hatch shapes and the resulting dupborder lines…see how the elements overlap? I need clean non overlapping and closed polylines of each shape) Is there a way to turn these hatch shapes into planes perhaps? Then they would import into blender im guessing? If not, how to make these into hatches into closed polyline shapes without overlaps? Thank you.

Hi Peter - CurveBoolean on the hatch borders may ease the pain some.


Thanks Pascal. Just tested that idea… Slightly less painful than trimming. I have thousands of these overlaps. fml

Hi Peter - post a file with a typical set of hatches and the desired results… mybe there is a better way.


Is there a meshoutline command that works for hatches or surfaces? Or is there a way to merge overlapping surfaces as a single surface?

As here, I think, only Hatch in place of PlanarSrf