Outline rendering per Rhino?

Maybe @nathanletwory knows all tricks - is it possible to create outline renderings per Rhino renderer now?

A client want to get rendered outlines of a scene with an animated clipping plane. My favorite render tool V-Ray fails with outlines and so I ask could the Rhino render tools be used?


V-Ray: clipping plane and outlines

I don’t know what I’m looking at and what the expected results should be.

just activate the Surface edges in the post effects in the render window.
if you render in the viewport activate them in the viewport settings, or make a new raytraced display mode with surface edges turned on.

if this is what you’re looking for then what @encephalon said.

Thank you for the hints. Some more questions:

  • Is “Rhino render” the cycles engine for best quality?
  • Why are clipped objects not rendered like seen at the viewport?
  • Edges and Curves per post effect looks quite jagged.
  • Is there a toon or outline shader for cycles?
  • Will Cycles support the same clean clipping quality of the viewport?

I just saw my tests were with Rhino 7, I’ll have to try again later in Rhino 8.

@nathanletwory Some weeks before I got a cycles plugin error during the Rhino start and the plugin was disabled. Today I updated Rhino and tried to enable Cycles but still I don’t get them working:

Error occurred loading plug-in
The type initializer for ‘RhinoCyclesCore.Core.RcCore’ threw an exception.


at RhinoCyclesCore.Core.RcCore.get_It()
at RhinoCycles.Plugin.OnLoad(String& errorMessage)
at Rhino.PlugIns.PlugIn.InternalOnLoad(Int32 pluginSerialNumber)

I would start with repairing the Rhino install.

Rhino Render and Raytraced use the same Cycles engine. The only difference is Rhino Render renders into the render window, Raytraced into the viewport.

Not sure, lines, fills, hatches, annotations, texts and curves aren’t rendered by Raytraced, they are done by whatever the display pipeline does.

If there is a difference between Raytraced and Rhino Render then for now you can use _ViewCaptureToFile or _ViewCaptureToClipboard

Not at the moment

if you mean same between Raytraced and Rhino Render then for the parts that RhinoCycles does yes. If you mean Rendered mode - there will be differences, like currently RhinoCycles doesn’t support clipping plane participation.

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What means repairing the Rhino install? I installed a fresh update today and have no problems, only the Cycles plugin doesn’t run.

In Windows settings go to installed applications and find Rhino, then click on the dots and choose Modify. That should start the Rhino installer for your currently installed version and you can from this choose to do a repair

Interesting, I had expected that installing an update would also repair it at the same time. But this was not the case and a repeated start of the installer with “Repair” brought Cycles back.

What I also noticed on this occasion - a possibility to overwrite all materials with a global material is also very useful. Maybe you can add it. In addition, it is practical to deactivate overwriting for individual materials.

Thank you for your help.