Cycle engine option not showing up

I have Rhino 6 SR 7 in windows 10 64 bits, upgraded from the former WIPs.
In the render options Cycles it not showing up, while command line dialog is offering the possibility to setup cycles options, and if I opt to raytraced cycles is working in the view window.
In other discussions I found other users had the same issue (during the wip) and fixed it downloading the plugin from github. Considering it now should be fully integrated in Rhino it looks lilke a risky solution.
Are there other solutions to try to activate the cycles render?
Thanks in advance,

There is no real official plug-in yet for Rhino 6 that provides the Raytraced Cycles engine as a renderer (for production renders). The old CyclesForRhino plug-in is actively blocked by Rhino for loading.

The main way to get renders out as image files is to use _ViewCaptureToFile (or _ViewCaptureToClipboard). You should be able to find info on that.

You could try the instructions in No render output though. That could help while we work on getting a workable plug-in released.

I misunderstood some things… it’s clearer now.
The rhino-render-next is working too.