Out of RAM and extremly slow performance after W10 update

Hi there,
I’m having major issues now with GH performance after update to Windows 10 Pro Creator’s Update 1703 Build 15063.674. Using Rhino 5.0 Version 5 SR14 32-bit (5.14.522.8390, 22.05.2017) even opening a simple file with 30 curves being lofted took like 2 minutes to complete and Rhino crashed afterwards saying:

“Windows is out of memory and Rhino will close after you click ok.”

evethough I still had 7GB of free physical memory and my page file is set also to 16 GB just to be shure…

I then switched to Rhino 5.0 Version 5 SR14 64-bit (5.14.522.8390, 05/22/2017) which also had big problems to display the lofted surface. It was unresponsive after loading the file for a minute and a half and then it normally displayed the lofted surface. Every move of camera takes at least 10 seconds to update, but at least it runs. GH profiler says the loft took only 12 ms (90%).

So I suspected my graphics card, because the Windows are just three weeks from a clean install. I’ve also updated my Graphics Driver from the stock Windows one to Intel HD one, but nothing changed.

Is there something I’m missing??? What can I try next?

My specs:
CPU: i5-3320M @ 2.60 GHz
RAM: 16 GB
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000, driver: 07.04. 2017, version

This issue might be caused by some .NET update. It happens to different versions of Windows.

  • So far I’ve seen W7 Enterprise SP1 with this problem (updated by our faculty)
  • and W7 Enterprise SP1 without this problem (also updated by our faculty, but less often)
  • another W7 Professional SP1 build 7601 with the problem (rarely updated)
  • and W8.1 Pro without the problem (updates selected manually by a person who uses GH)
  • and W10 pre-Creator’s Update with the problem (otherwise up to date)
  • and finally W10 Creator’s Update with the problem (up to date)

What type of update am I searching for, please?

Simon, I’m inclined to think this has to do with your graphic card… https://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/5/video/troubleshooting/intel/intel

Thank you, but I’ve already tried that with no difference. Rhino gets unresponsive for about 2 minutes and then it (crashes with out of RAM in case of the 32-bit version) displays the surface. But any camera movement takes approx. 10-15 seconds to display… I will send the suggested email to the tech support. This problem occures even on my desktop with nVidia GeForce 660 GTX (not awesome, but still usable card.)

Note from the Grasshopper3d.com discussion, this only happens when Grasshopper is drawing shaded meshes into the viewports. Wires are fine.

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