OSnap suddenly doesn't work

sorry for the crappy pic, but there was no other way to capture my cursor: suddenly this happened to me. i downloaded 8.1 yesterday, it was working fine yesterday and this morning suddenly BAM problem. restarted rhino to no avail.

my osnap and everything suddenly bugged out and i greatly need to finish this sims by today, so urgent help appreciated

What is your CPlane doing? Try disabling autoCplane and make sure the current Cplane is world.

Oh, I disabled that even before I started working on anything because I really hate the auto cplane. for some reason or another it’s working in rhino 6, but not in 8. I could live with that to use that to shift around my items, but would really like it to all work in 8.

Can you post a screen capture of your Options > Modeling Aids panel such as:

Looks similar

Also as an update: I restarted my pc again, but to no avail.

Can you post a picture zoomed out a bit with the construction plane on? It’s hard to tell what’s going on from your first picture.

For some odd reason or another, it started working again…but limited. Not sure what’s happening, is there anything else I can send in for analysis?

A file with a maximized viewport in the state where snapping to something (anything?) is not working would be good to have.

So here’s one I suppose. I can’t snap it to my plotted gridlines, but in R6 I could.

However, the snap functionality seems to have returned on the other lines…at least to an extent (snapping from is working, snapping to isn’t, and I don’t know how to capture my entire experience in a video with my cursor and popup showing)

That’s a screenshot. I think Wim is asking for a Rhino model that we can open to try to reproduce the problem.

This may have been considered but it’s worth a try.
Last week I had a guy with a Selection Filter that several object types had been turned off.
Normally, all object types should be enabled.

Try SelBadObjects, this can affect the ability to snap in some scenes as well.