No snapping occuring even though all snaps are selected on

Hi all,

Long time rhino 5-6-7 user, have recently downloaded rhino 8 to try it out. I’m trying to draw a circle (or anything at all for that matter) and can’t figure our why nothing will snap to anything. OSNAP is on, and all snaps individually are on too, I’ve attached a screen shot with circle command engaged showing no snapping point near the end of a curve… what am I missing?

Hi Julian - what is set as the snap radius in Options > Modeling Aids page?


Hi Pascal, it is set to 15 pixels at the moment

Can you post a screen capture of your Options > Modeling Aids panel such as:

Oh hey, same problem. Is this an 8.1 bug?

The strange thing is, the snaps were working when I first opened (and then ticked all the osnap boxes) Rhino. It stopped after a few minutes using it, not sure if I clicked something?

“Only snap to selected objects” prevents snapping to any objects which are not selected.

Not preventing snapping but may provide unintended resutls: “Project object snaps to CPlane” and “Project object snaps to CPlane in plan parallel views” will put the result of a snap on the Cplane, not the object.

Hey Julian, could you do what David suggested and then let me know if my issue is a localized to my machine thing? Because your issue sounds a lot a LOT like mine, except that some of your ticked boxes seem to be causing the problem…TIA

Thanks David, “Only snap to selected objects” was the issue!