ShowSelectionFilter command wish

IMHO ShowSelectionFilter command , analogous to ShowOsnap, would be quite useful.

In this macros, I’d like to have Ospan and SelectionFilters Panes visible all the time:
_NoEcho -_Fullscreen _ShowLayer=No _ShowCommand=Yes _ShowStatus=Yes _ShowProperties=No _ShowMenu=No _ShowTitle=No _ShowFloating=Yes _DisableEscape=Yes Enter _ShowOsnap _Show Enter _SelectionFilter _ShowDialog=Yes Enter _Echo

But because of -SelectionFilter _ShowDialog can only toggle visibility of the panel, all goes south.
I’ve tried this macros without _SelectionFilter command, but Fullscreen hides it anywat, except Filter panel is floating, but i’d like to have it docked near osnaps.

Maybe there are workarounds, any help we’ll be very appreciated
Thank you in advance

Hi Sergey - if you replace your SelectionFilter with -SelectionFilter I think it does what you want(?)


Hi Pascal! Thanks a ton!! That’s my remissness, that have no limits…
Sorry for garbaging forum.