OSnap Options

I know there are ways to achieve this using apparent Int and Ortho, but Dev team-- could we please get an Osnap that automatically snaps Intersection of the C-Plane.(x,y,z or user-defined). For this particular instance, you can see my Mid is too low.

And my Quad is too high.

But if I wanted a way to snap to Intersection of curve and c-plane/ axis, there is not a quick way to my knowledge. Does anyone have a quick (snap like) option?

Hi Beau - not a snap, I’m afraid, but a point, which may help even if not the same thing:

_IntersectTwoSets _Pause _IP _CplaneXY _Enter


@pascal - Thanks my friend. I currently have a hotkey to draw a line from origin out to a distance then apparent int works, but a OSnap that doesn’t require additional steps is always a welcomed addition!

Thanks for the macro, works well!