Snap to Surface


Is there a way to snap to surface except changing c-plane?

the osnaps should offer an on surface option once you start a command like move, or curves. you start the command hit that osnap and select the surface you want to snap to.

oh and in future if you have user interface questions, then consider categorizing your topic i had to look up your posts to find out what you might be using, its not a big deal but saves time for others :wink: there are people who have macs and may not always be able to help you exactly.

Next time I will take into consideration.

I hit and select surface but still didnt snap on it.

These are more snap options if you hover over the osnap window and press control. It is a one time option . Meaning you have to do it each time. I would look there too. —Mark

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Thank you for replies. I figured out by holding ctrl and hover the cursor on the snap and enabled the PonSrf.

I would like to draw a curve (Control Point Curve) over polysurface. I’ve tried to hit Ctrl to click snap option POnSrf but it’s grayed out. How to build a curve over other surfaces? I would like to snap the curve’s control points to surfaces. I`m on Rhino 7 WIP.

Hello - that snap should be available once you start the Curve command. One-shots are only active when Rhino is looking for a point.


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I am trying to draw curves in plan, put they keep showing up as 3d in front view. How do I keep my drawing on the Cplane surface or in plane view only.