Does Rhino not see the 2 conditions shown as intersections? The point where a line intersects a plane or a where a plane intersects another plane? I’m expecting intersect snap to work but it doesn’t.

Hi Arial- Int OSnap works on curve-curve intersections only.


Man that would be sweet though! Another version of int osnap that lets you pick objects to temporarily define intersections. Could create the same geometry as the Intersect command but it would all be temporary. I know that could get cpu intensive for some objects, but I’m sure would be super useful for the majority of use cases. I’m sick to death of intersection curve geometry and having to hide it.

Hi Carvecream - for now, You can take a look at the IntersectPlanes script here:

it will create plane-object intersections - planes are temporary the output is not not temporary, but it’s a start - from planes of all kinds- you can also trim/split/BooleanSplit with the planes.


thanks Pascal. I’m gonna try this out today.

Thanks Pascal.
That’s too bad. I come from SketchUp and, in SketchUp, I use a lot of secondary geometry to locate and position items. Any plane that intersects a plane or a line that intersects a plane in SketchUp is an intersection so that workflow is very easy. I put all of the secondary geometry on one layer and delete it all when I’m done.

I’m compiling a short list of things that SketchUp does that I wish Rhino did.

arail, you’ve confused me with this. does sketchup give intersection osnap for conditions like in your picture above or do you just create “secondary geometry” like we do in rhino?

Any geometry that intersects with any other geometry is an intersection and you can snap to it