Ctrl + Hovering over Osnap. What happened to "between"?

Hi guys,

My company just recently moved to Rhino 7 from Rhino 5. When you hold Ctrl and hover over the Osnap filter bar at the bottom, you could bring up another set of tools for picking a point. I used to use the “between” tool a lot but noticed that it’s not there in Rhino 7? I tried googling but nothing has showed up so far. Beginning to feel a bit dumb.


Try the SHIFT key that will bring up between.


Hi Willem,

When I press SHIFT it just turns the Osnap boxes grey. =(

It works here
did you try and click the one-shot buttons?

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OMG I didn’t notice that “Project” became “Between”!!! Thanks so much! Gosh now I feel doubly silly. ><

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