Osnap always clicks to cplane

Hi, I’m knew to Rhino. I have being using Autocad all along but need to create realastic landscape architectural images. My main problem at the moment is that my osnap always click to the cplane when I try to click to an object above it. Can you tell me why this is?

Is project turned on?

If it is, turn it off.

Thanks a million, it was the project tab. Another question if you dont mind. When Im working in the perspective view and I want to draw lines horizontally and vertically it will only allow me draw horizontal lines unless I go into a different viewport. How can I work in all directions in the perspective viewport?

Either by using the AutoCPlane plugin - attached (there are different versions of this floating around by you could start by checking this one, I suppose).

Or by using the standard Elevator Mode.

… or, since we are talking about lines, just use the vertical option in the line command.

AutoCPlane.rhp (18 KB)

I’d start by understanding Elevator mode, as Wim suggested. It’s fundamental to drawing and modelling in Rhino.

Thanks, very much. That was very useful! :point_up_2: