Ortho toggles even when not being clicked

Ive noticed a lot since the last Mac Beta update that my ortho at the top of the screen shows as being toggled on, when its really not. Other times it seems to turn itself on in the middle of working and disturbs my moves…

When creating geometry, holding down the Shift key toggles the state of the Ortho button. Does this explain what you are seeing?

what’s happening is that ortho is staying on after completing the command when using the shift key.

the shift key should only engage ortho temporarily, right?

(for me, i tend to use shift then tab to lock direction… let go of the shift key then complete the command… this keeps ortho from sticking)

Thanks for the tip. I see this. This will be fixed in the next WIP release.

hmm ok, i used to never use the shift key until literally this week and I’m pretty sure it was doing it to me before, ill keep an eye out, thx (just found out that trick, I’m a student/newbie)

do you pan with the shift key during commands? that’s another way to trigger this behavior.

as in-
• run the _Line command
• click for first point
• press the shift key and pan with right mouse button
(ortho is stuck at this point)
• second click to finish the line
• ortho is still engaged

ha… oh wait. a lot of stuff triggers this for me.
making any viewport change… (clicking on Perspective/Top/Front/Right at the top of the window… clicking in another viewport to change focus… 4views to Single)

[edit2] restarted rhino and that went away.

I pan with the shift key, but typically not to create linework… when i do most of my lines, I’m in a flat view, then i pan in perspective to check it. Today in class it was doing it to me again, but not when i was using the shift key. I couldn’t figure out what was triggering it, seemed kinda random, like it would just turn it self off and on whenever it pleased. What i do know is, it never did this to me before, its something new.