Help: Ortho weirdness

I think I adjusted something to do with how Ortho operates on Rhino 7 for Mac, but I’m not sure what or how to fix it. Is there any way to revert to the standard settings and undo any adjustments or customizations I made? I’d rather do that than hunt around for whatever I adjusted.

Perhaps if you describe the ‘weirdness’ symptoms more in detail, someone could tell you how to fix it. Sometimes it’s not what you think, so it’s better to know exactly what’s happening.

For example, previously when I’d want to move something from one point to another, I’d select a point of the object, set the distance to whatever increment, and hold down the shift key to toggle Ortho on and it would move in a straight line to the distance I typed it. Now it seems to work in reverse of that. I can only move objects horizontally or vertically unless I press the shift key, and then I can orient the object at any angle I move it to.

I think you are describing expected behavior with the state of the Ortho tool and holding Shift.

If the Ortho tool is Enabled, then dragging is along the Ortho angle. The default is 90 degrees so along CPlane X and Y.
If you press and hold Shift, Ortho is suspended and your have free cursor movement.

If the Ortho tool is Disabled, then the reverse happens. Dragging is free unless you Hold the Shift key.

You probably just hit the Ortho button (it the top section) so that it is normally ‘on’ - then it behaves the opposite of what you expect when it is normally ‘off’. If it’s Bold/Highlighted, then it’s ‘on’. Click once on the button (or type Ortho and Enter) to toggle it.