Minimize folding area of origami-like pattern with Kangaroo 2 and Galapagos

Hi there!
I’m quite new to rhino and grasshopper and came across a problem I can’t solve by myself.

I’m trying to model a rectangular surface that is foldable along specific mountain and valley folding lines. For the simulation I used the Origami Algorithm for Kangaroo 2 by Daniel Piker and as long as I change the value of the “folding slider” manually it works well.

What I am looking into is to change the angles of the folding lines to minimize the area of the folded model. I therefore plugged the Galapagos Solver in, but it doesn’t behave as I expected. It seems like it is working on the values of the unfolded state of the model, but I want it to consider the folding state.

Does anyone have an idea on how to solve this?

Please feel free to have a look at my file! (43.3 KB)