Origami in Kangaroo 2 please help

Hi, can anyone help me?
I don’t know much about Grasshopper becouse I’m new.
I followed this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fqob5Whr968
and there aren’t problems since 26.27 min but the last part doesn’t work
this is my work since this minute
prova1.gh (33.2 KB)

Hi and welcome @gianluca.27

It looked like a more complicated way than needed of assigning the mountain/valley folds.
Here’s how I’d do this:
prova1_.gh (24.6 KB)

okay thank you so much for giving me part of your time. how can I get the conformation I see from the image?

In the green box double click the toggle to switch it to true, then increase the slider to make it fold, and click the button when you want to reset

Hello, is there anyway to expand this fold in the different direction?